A Different Way to Separate and Divorce.

Collaborative Practice:

• Avoids going to court
• Clients control the process
• Identifies and addresses interests and concerns of all
• Emphasizes the needs of children
• Encourages mutual respect
• Available at any stage of separation/divorce process
• Provides for open communication
• Prepares individuals for new lives

The Collaborative Practice can be used in many areas
of law such as:
• Family Law
• Commercial Law
• Civil Litigation
• Wills and Estates
• Probate
• Child Protection



The Saint John Collaborative Practice Group is a group of expertly trained lawyers in the
Greater Saint John area. Below is a list of the lawyers trained collaboratively in the Saint John region:


david ames
David Ames, Q.C.

MacDonald Ames





Andrea Anderson Mason
Anderson Mason

Anderson Mason Law




Chantal Daigle
Chantal Daigle
Margaret Layden
Margaret Layden
Rod MacDonald
Rodney Macdonald
Brenda Noble
Brenda Noble, Q.C.
Mary-Eileen O'Brien
Mary-Eileen O’Brien
Laura Porter
Laura Porter
Nathalie Thibault Jones
Nathalie Thibault Jones

Thibault Jones Collaborative Law